Camcorders to take with you while traveling

In the war between camcorders and DSLR, it looks like camcorders are slowly losing the battle. But that does not mean, there are no good camcorders available in the market. Companies like Sony, JVC and Canon are coming back strongly with HD and 4K camcorders that can displace DSLR from the top position.

I strongly believe if you are looking for video recording with a professional touch, then you need to use camcorders. Yes, DSLR is good but for the overall effect you need a good quality camcorder. Here is a list of 3 camcorders that you should consider buying.

Sony HDR-CX330 HD Camcorder

Sony is the leading manufacturer of camcorder for years now. Sony HDR-CX330 HD Camcorder is a simple, easy to use camcorder that supports Wi-Fi. It has 16 GB internal memory. The dual flash camcorder can take HD quality videos. It has a new wide angle lens of 29.8 mm with 30x optical zoom. The camcorder offers 2.7 inch LCD screen with 9.2 megapixels for taking still images. The built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect your camcorder with your Smartphone or PC. You can get this splendid device for less than 350$.

Panasonic HC-V550 Camcorder

Panasonic has been in the market for years. It is one of the brands that have been giving Sony tough competition. Panasonic HC-V550 Camcorder offers full HD recording with 2.51 megapixels and has a 3 inch LCD screen. It has a healthy 60x optical zoom and premium optical image stabilization. What makes Panasonic HC-V550 Camcorder stand out from the rest is the size and easy-to-use features. The compatible size makes it easy to carry anywhere and it is worth every penny you spend. The color accuracy of Panasonic HC-V550 Camcorder is pretty good when compared to other models in this price range. The audio quality is good and you can even hear the slightest noise without any difficulty. At less than $400, Panasonic HC-V550 Camcorder is a good buy.


JVC Everio GZ-R70

When compared to the other two models, JVC Everio GZ-R70 is more compact and lightweight. It can record quality HD videos fully and is easy to operate. Even a beginner can use the camcorder without any training. JVC Everio GZ-R70 is water resistant, dust proof and freeze proof making it easy to carry anywhere without worrying. JVC Everio GZ-R70 has a 3 inch touch LCD screen with the record button placed at the back. The battery life of the camcorder is good; the in-built battery allows you to record for more than 3 hours. You can quickly charge the battery using the mini-USB port. You can get this camcorder for less than $500.

So why wait? Go, grab your camcorder today and record memories for the future!




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